A Study of Differences in the Hotel Industry between International & Domestic 5-star Hotels and the Prospects of Domestic 5-star Hotel Development in Sanya Hainan Province

DU YI, Warangkana Thawornwiriyatrakul, Chuanchen Bi


The research focused on the hotel industry of Sanya Hainan Province China. There were two objectives. First one was to compare domestic 5-star with foreign 5-star hotel and find out the differences between the two hotels. After analyze we can get the advantages and disadvantages of each hotel. Another one was to give more effective suggestions and methods for domestic 5-star hotel to get a better development, according to the competitive market environment. The research question was what is the concrete differences in hoteling between international 5-star hotel and domestic 5-star hotel? And what is the advantage and disadvantage of domestic 5-star hotel and international 5-star hotels in market that they are facing? SWOT, STP and Five-force model were used in the study to support objectives and designed interview questions. The research methodology was qualitative methodology, and the research result based on the interview content. At least, suggestions were given after qualitative content analysis.


Hotel Industry, Competitive Advantage, SWOT Analysis, STP Model, Five Forces Model

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