Friend In Buddhist Perspective: The Benefit for Social Work Practice for Getting Social Welfare.

Sitthiporn Khetjoi


This article has the objective to describe about the nature of good and bad friend, the characteristics of a good and bad friend, how to associate with a good friend,  how to avoid a bad friend, what the benefit of good friendship based on the Buddha’s discourse. The help of good friend is necessary for the development of welfare because no one can live alone or isolate in the society. When he tries to make an effort for the development of his welfare, he absolutely needs the help of his good friends. He cannot get the development of his welfare without the help of his good friends. The reason is that human being is interrelated or inter-dependent on one another as well as welfare of human being. Similarly, friends need the mutual help of each other to develop their welfare in the society. Thus, the Buddha emphasizes the help of good friendship for the development of social welfare and social work .


Buddhism, Friend, Social Work, Social Welfare

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