BPA MCU Nan Model: Characteristics of Modernistic Administrators According to Buddhism

Theeratas Rojkitjakul, PhrakrusamuUthai Uthayamethee, PhamahaAnan Aunggurasiri, Paradorn Sukhphan, Tidarut Inthakun


This academic article by a group of authors is written it under education, research and teaching experience has three objectives as follows: 1) to analyze and synthesize the various contexts related to the current administration, 2) to analyze and synthesize the roles and characteristics of the current administrator, and 3) to present the characteristics of modern administrator that needs to be in the administrator. That can be summarized as follows. 1) The various contexts of the society are different according to topography, society, culture, and way of life, politics and government form of each country. 2) The role and characteristics of current administrators there are many problems, such as improper demeanor, lack of making faith to be accepted between administrators and subordinates, insufficient regulatory knowledge and conflicts between administrators and personnel in the organization, etc. 3) The characteristics of modern administrators must have characteristics that are combined with the principle of Buddhadhamma by having 9 characteristics or called "BPA MCU NAN Model" in order to be used to lead social organizations and the nation to progress further.




Characteristics; Administrator; Buddhism

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