An Analytical Study of Ethical Issues of Peace in Modern Society Based on Buddhist Scriptures

Thu Mana Thu Mana


This article is to study the concepts and theories of ethical issues of peace in modern society, and to study the ethical issues of peace in Buddhist scripture, and to analyze the ethical issues of peace in modern society based on Buddhist scripture. A social issue is a problem that influences many citizens within a society. It is a group of common problem in present-day society and one that many people strive to solve. On the other hand, man’s deep desire is to live in peace and happiness. Peace is the ultimate goal that man wants to achieve. All religions, scientists, sociologists, philosophers in the world, in every field, work hard just to find a peaceful answer for themselves and for society. However, poverty, war, terrorism, natural disasters or conflicts in the family, in the community, in society are happening daily all over the world. According to Buddhist understanding, the only way to create inner peace is to practice meditation. By the practice of meditation, one realizes peace and happiness inside.


Ethical Issues, Peace, Modern Society, Buddhist Scriptures

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