A Theravada Buddhist Counseling for Solving Problems of the Human Right Violation and Its Relation to the Present Society

Ja Ti La


This article entitled “A Theravada Buddhist counseling for solving problems of the human right violation and its relation to the present society.”  Which is consists of two objectives: To analyze the Problems of the human right violation in Today society, and its Elimination from Theravada Buddhist Counseling.

This paper critically investigates Buddhist understanding of the concept human right and exploring practical teachings on overcoming the actions of ethical, socio-political, sexual violence, and religion conflicts. Buddhism beliefs that violence and conflicts are grounded on human desires in terms of attachment. It means that the attachment produces an immoral act which is defined as violence and conflict. The researcher also considers Buddhist moral values in the way of controlling the violent actions and promotes Buddhist concept of human right. In the first section, the researcher draws the attentions on the problems violation in today society, in the second section considers Buddhist guidelines on controlling of the violence, and lastly concludes the significances of the study.


Ethical, social-political, sexual violence, and religion & conflicts

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