A Model of Offering Pangsukula Cloth from the Buddha Era to the Modern Times

Mrs. Natha Channuhong, Asst. Prof. Dr. Phramaha Thawee Mahapanno,, Anusara Deewai


Articles about “A Model of Offering Pangsukula Cloth from the Buddha Era to the Modern Times”, the aim is to study the form of offering Pangsukula Cloth by separating the contents into two periods , the Buddha era and the present that there is and how has been changed. In the Buddha era, Pangsukula Cloth was a dust fabric that the people left at cemetery, on the midden and on the streets that nobody owns the fabric. When the monk who seeking for the Pangsukula Cloth and got it, he had already been washed , dyed and sewn into a quilt skirt and blanket for a modest retreat following the example of the Buddha had given them . After Buddha had permission for the monks to get the rich robes from the villagers, they had been more convenient and they were also helping the villagers to gain merit from offering Pangsukula Cloth to these priests too. In the present, Pangsukula Cloth is not a dust cloth that he left it as in the Buddha era, but the fabric mostly made from stores already that the people offered to the monks in the various events such as funeral, Phapa or Kathin. The model of offering Pangsukula Cloth in the modern time is still very close to the Buddha era.


the model, Pangsukula Cloth, Buddha Era, Modern Time

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