Mahānamassakara: The Great Salutation of Buddhism

Asst. Prof. Dr. Phradebpariyattimuni, Meechai Virapanno


This article aims to study ‘Mahanamassakara’ word or salutation. It is a kind of traditional practice to remind to graces of Buddha which is on the first paragraph before chanting which Buddhists offer their gratitude to Buddha before starting any merit performances. It presents great teaching which originated from 3 graces of Buddha. This includes an exclamation but not proverbs of Buddha leading to reflection on Buddha which caused the benefits for faithful person who has confidence in Buddha; worldly benefit and supramundane benefit. The worldly benefits include protecting from dangers and obstacles, terror and fears, being successful and prosperous, victory, healthy, wealthy and born in heaven after death. The supramundane benefits are 4 Noble fruits; stream-entry fruit, once-enter fruit, no-returner fruits and Arahant fruits. Those who express the great salutation are Brahmāyu Brahman, Jānussoni Brahman etc. Among them, some exclaims with respect and faith, some without intentions. Anyway, they all saluted to Buddha with great rejoice such as lady Dhananjāni.


Exclamation, Great salutation, Reflection on Buddha, Noble fruit

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