The Concept of Nibbāna in Milindapañha

Dr. Khongsaris Phangthrap


Nibbāna is extremely subtle and hard to describe. It is not a place like heaven or paradise. Nibbāna is not annihilation of the self, since the so-called ‘Cattā’ does not exist-though attaining Nibbāna entails the annihilation of egoism. It is blissful, but there is no feeling associated with it. In fact, because there is no Feeling in Nibbāna, it is truly peaceful. Only Noble Ones can know what Nibbāna is really like, but we can understand fairly well by inference and constant practice of insight meditation. To get the taste of Nibbāna we should practice constant mindfulness. One who practices constant mindfulness of the body knows the taste of Nibbāna. When we are truly mindful, the mind is almost silent and purified to a great extent from mental defilements. If you can gain good concentration for one or two hours you will be able to understand how blissful Nibbāna would be. Then you will surely long to attain it, and give up worldly ways of thinking, and all worldly ambitions.


Concept of Nibbāna, Milindapañha

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