Promotion of Community Health Through Viriyabarami Leader of Farmer

Sanpech Phiencad, Jarinee Makaew, Sithtipong Cajarean


This research aimed to 1) study the predicament and problems of agriculture in Nong Chik, Borrabue district, Mahasarakham province from the past to the present, 2) create the curriculum on promotion of community health through viriyabarami leader of farmers, 3) implement the curriculum on promotion of community health through viriyabarami leader of farmers. The research procedures were divided into 3 stages. The first stage is the quantitative research. The samples consisted of 398 agriculturists’ families. The research instruments were questionnaires and descriptive analyzing to explain the information. The used statistics were mean, percentage and standard deviation. The most agriculturists think that their own planting can caused the good health without the toxins. They have average score in the level. In the animal husbandry, the agriculturists found husbandry can be expanded to the greater prosperity. The second stage used the quantitative research and the qualitative research. The curriculum evaluated the accuracy in the structure by 5 experts and connoisseurship by 5 experts for support the curriculum. There had the suitability value for each topic in the agreeable level from consideration of experts ( = 3.86  SD. = 0.09) with IOC = 0.64. The developing of diligence virtues agriculturists leaders for healthy life course have 5 parts. In the third stage used the quantitative research, the qualitative research and used the experiment research for compared the result. The experimental groups were the agriculturists leaders in Nong Chik sub-district with 30 persons. The research results showed that knowledge, the attitude and the practice of the diligence virtues agriculturists leaders for healthy life.


Promotion; Community Health; Viriyabarami; Leader of Farmers

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