The ASEAN Studies Instruction to Develop the Cross – Cultural Skill of Learners in The 21 st Century

Chananporn Areekul


The ASEAN studies instruction to develop the cross-cultural skill of
learners in the 21st century is learning process that consists of three aspects.
The first is the instructional input that consists of the preparation of learners,
the preparation of instructors, and the preparation of institutions. The second
is the instructional process that consists of the contents of ASEAN studies in
the Basic Education Core Curriculum B.E.2551 (A.D.2008), the ASEAN studies
instructional techniques, and the assessment for learner-development. The
third is the instructional output or outcome that consists of the knowledge of
ASEAN studies, the cross-cultural skill, and the good attitude in the
multicultural society. The ASEAN studies instruction is not only learning to know
the content, but also learning for skills. It advances learning for knowledge
towards learning for implement skills. Learners can implement the
cross-cultural skill and other skills for their being as Thai citizen, ASEAN citizen,
and global citizen, and the most important goal is living together peacefully
and sustainably in the multicultural society.

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