Social Community of Sustainable Development in Northeastern India

Kangchai Mog


This paper presents a synthesis of grassroots activities designed to promote
the learning and conservation of traditional knowledge and related traditions
and cultural resources among the Adi, Monpa, Mog, Chakma, Tripuri and
Khasi tribes of northeast India. The results indicate that the participation of
knowledge holders in various village level activities can enhance the promotion
of traditional practices, the learning of knowledge and the conservation of
related resources. Knowledge holders of varying age groups and social systems
have many notable traditional practices that provide promising solutions to
current challenges. The promotion of traditional knowledge-based products
can also facilitate the conservation of resources and the subsistence survival
of people. Strong multi-level networks between all stakeholders are needed
to ensure the sustainability of traditional knowledge and the conservation of
traditions and cultural resources of communities of northeast I ndia.

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