Dhammayutika Nikaya (Sect) in Cambodia: Religious and Political Relations between Thailand and Combodia

พระปลัดระพิน พุทฺธิสาโร


The Influence of Dhammayutikanikaya (Sect) in the Cambodian
society has arisen and connected to Siam during the Siamese influence over
the Cambodian court. Politically the selection and sending of the pro-Siamese  ruler for ruling is carried out by Siam. Religiously Siam based Theravada Buddhism regarding modernization is Dhammayutanikaya. The acception of this sect was intent on that modernization that comes along with Siamese Political influence until Franch Colonial time france established Buddhist institute with the objective of preventing Thai political influence from interference.
This article aims at studying the development of Dhammayutikanikaya in Cambodia from the past til now by means of related documents and researc h works.

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