“Religious Moth” the Threat that the Sangha in the Asean Shoud be Careful


Buddhist temples are important where the Buddhists used the temples
as for training and study. The temples provide facility to educate professions
to Buddhists. In the past the temples are the central administration and
governance. Moreover, the temples are center for social activities with people
in community. As globalization offers the new roles of the temples with
capitalism domination, the monks are interested in other aspects such as donations,
creation of a sacred objects for their survival, thus they use
temple space by interest group. The interest group came into use as a tool for
exploitation, involvement in the activities of the temple.The statistics of the
population living in the region of four countries is mainly Buddhists, 75 per cent
such as Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos, these are getting dominated
by capitalism and a similar lifestyle. Thus capitalism has developed to such a
point. Now this problem about new roles of the temples with capitalism and
interest group of temples make the people ignore the moral. Thus, the people
are very interested in material. This is like the mod insect eating Buddhism.
A result from the topic by monk causes Buddhism dishonored.

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