The Buddhist Emotional Intelligence Management: An Integration of Daniel Goleman’s Theory and Theravāda Perspective

Ngu Long Thi Ho, Phramaha Somphong Guṇākaro, Sanu Mahatthanadull


This research work aims (1) To study the emotional intelligence of Daniel Goleman’s theory. (2) To study the doctrines related to emotional management in Theravāda Buddhist scriptures. (3) To propose Buddhist emotional intelligence management by integrating Daniel Goleman’s theory and the Theravāda Perspective. The methodology used documentary research, and in-depth interviews to collect data from 6 key informants. A content analysis was employed for data analysis. Regards to an integrating proposal of Buddhist emotional intelligence management (BEIM) have common and different points, respective points in terms of consciousness, and means of connection in society. The result of integration is being aware of the impact, actual changes, one’s emotions and thoughts controlling faculty, and living with others happily by showing proper behaviors. To achieve the goal, each individual must be trained, and the development of the mind is the core point for both sides to enhance real success and happiness. In the meanwhile, Theravāda perspective strongly emphasizes inner experiences of the mind and offers a way practicing leads to an entirely Eliminated mind based on the four foundations of mindfulness (ROUTE).


Emotional Intelligence, Therāvadā Buddhist Perspective, Emotional Management, Emotional Intelligence Management, Integration.

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