Cultural Harmony between Tai Lue Language and Identities of Baan Thin Tai Lue, Phrae Province

ืNopparat Rattanawong


 Language is one of the most significant markers of ethnic identification and it plays a crucial role not only in the external perception of an ethnic group by outsiders but also in the self-identification of an ethnic group. It symbolizes identities and it is used to signal identities by those who speak them. Northern Thai dialects and cultures are important since they are the sources of knowledge, culture, traditions, and local wisdom.  This article aims to present the cultural harmony between Tai Lue language and the identities of Baan Thin Tai Lue, regarded as the Tai Lue community of Phrae province.  More details of Baan Thin Tai Lue are presented in the introduction and passages below to show how it is related and linked in harmony with Tai Lue language.


Cultural Harmony, Tai Lue Language, Identities of Baan Thin Tai Lue, Phrae Province

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