Right Thought: A Noble Pathway to World Peace

Ven. Rangama Thero Chandawimala


There is nothing in all the world more beautiful than the prevalence of universal brotherhood among mankind and there is no greater blessing in all the world than peace. It is true that only human being can bring peace to this world making it a heaven like place. However, by creating violence, he can turn this world into a hell as well. It is evident that in various cultures certain great persons have been elevated to divinity. This implies that one can be a god or a demon based on his thoughts and deeds. Religions and social philosophies teach and guide people to refrain from vicious thoughts, speech and deeds and to practise good instead. For instance, the Dhammapada summarizes the entire teaching of the Buddha into one stanza of four lines. “Not to do all kinds of wrong doings, to perform wholesome acts, cleansing of one’s mind, this is the admonition of all the Buddhas”. In this teaching, without exception, all sorts of bad actions which are condemned by the civilized world as harmful are rejected whereas whatsoever good action is there for the benefit of all beings are praised. So, in brief, what we all need for a meaningful life is recommended therein. 

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