The Notion of Investigation in Buddhism

Dharma Priya Bhikkhu


Buddhism is an investigation-introduced religion. It emphasizes the investigation. This article concerns itself with the notion of investigation (vicaya) in Buddhism. The goal in this article is to give a satisfying account of (1) the Buddhist concept of investigations, (2) its methods and (3) purposes. It is mainly approached through the method of the textual studies of the Pāli canonical texts, including the utilizing of a Tibetan Buddhist text source such as Jñānasāra-samuccaya and some Buddhist books, describing and analyzing the Buddhist notion on investigation (vicaya). The result of this article is to present a clearer and satisfied account of the Buddhist understanding of investigation (vicaya), its methods (ñāya) and purposes. It is also to cast important light on such problems as the unanalyzed phenomenon of investigation (vicaya) in Theravada Buddhism, its methods and purposes.

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