A Study of the Eradication of Wrong View (Micchādiṭṭhi) In Insight Meditation Practice

Sutin Srithavornsuk


This study has three objectives: 1) to study Micchāditฺtฺhi (wrong view) in Theravāda Buddhism scripture, 2) to study the doctrine of Insight Meditation practice, 3) to study the eradication of wrong view by Insight Meditation wisdom. The study is qualitative research and it was found that Micchāditฺtฺhi is wrong view, having false    opinion distorted to the truth. It can be divided into 2 main categories: 1. Common wrong view called Sakkāyaditฺtฺhi 2. Unusual wrong view namely Three Niyata Micchaditฺtฺhi, Sassataditฺtฺhi and Ucchedaditฺtฺhi. To have Insight Meditation development is the state of practicing  the mind and let it be observed by Sati, mindfulness, which acts as a forerunner and simultaneously accompanied by Ātāpi, effort, and Sampajāno, a clear comprehension, and let them aware whatever the happenings appeared at the Four Foundation of Mindfulness viz. body, feelings, mind, and mind objects. To practice insight meditation is the cause whereas insight wisdom is the result and owing to its realizing the fact of corporeality and mentality which all of them are impermanent, suffering, and non self until the emerging of Maggañāṇa to irreversibly eradicate all the wrong views namely Samucchedapahāna.

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