Buddhist Way of Happiness for Health and Beauty Care

Sirium Pukdeedumrongrit


In this dissertation, 3 objectives were purposely made: (1) to study the administration and service in Health and Beauty Care,  (2) to create the Buddhist way of Happiness for Health and Beauty Care, and (3) to propose the Buddhist way of Happiness for Health and Beauty Care.
The results showed that the factors affecting the decision to get service, service mind and standard of service was regarded as the most important factors. Ayusasatham (Things are conducive to long life) for Health could make good holistic health including body, mind and society through activities. Boonniti and Happiness were used for good health and mind, beauty skin; sweet-sounding, slender shape etc. Dhamma for Unity for participation in business, the relationship among customers, facilitators, executives could move the business forward. All matters can be harmoniously actualized by the help of each.

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