Development of Buddhist Community Psychological Model for Building Self Consciousness in Natural Resources Conservation

Phrabaidikakittpong Srilasudtro, Prayoon Suyajai, Rushanon Suppongpatch Suppongpatch


This research entitled "The development of Buddhist psychology in the community of consciousness conservation of natural resources" has thee objectives: 1) to study the development of Buddhist psychology in the community to create a consciousness of nature conservation, 2) to study the effectiveness of Buddhist psychology in the community, and 3) to present the Buddhist community psychology in the creation of spirituality. This is a nature conservation mixed research. Research samples were of 30-year-old high school student, 15-18 years of age. While creating a training package with 2 students, following up after 1 month, students had the knowledge to understand the principles of how to develop a model for consciously conservative natural resources. After project training, students had been motivated to become aware of the importance of forests using U-B-P-P-D techniques. They could help the community develop their participation in community forest management; 1, they understood problem, 2, they used Buddhist psychology in community forest management, 3 they were trained, 4, community forest management was accepted. In this matter, they inserted tactical techniques to change and convince the mind and create a new attitude so as to participate in community activities. All activities were actualized through the mentioned procedures of Buddhist psychology as were explained here.

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