Surrogacy in Buddhist Ethics : Merit or Sin

Rattana Panyapa


This article was a part of the research entitled the Buddhist Perspective and the implementation of technology assisting reproduction. The article aimed at presenting the two major dimensions concerning the surrogacy including: the moral problems and the criteria for problem judgment based on the Buddhist perspective. This article was the documentary research done by studying the documentary, both primary and secondary sources.  According to the research findings, the following issues were found: 1) there were three main problems from surrogacy which were of the genetic mother status, the human values and dignity and the human trafficking, 2) it was based on the fruit of karma and rebirth perspectives, it was believed that the surrogate mother might previously be associated with the lineage of the rebirth cycle.  Moreover, the surrogacy would be considered as the good karma when the intention was concerned with the morality.  Also, the only ancestral lineage would be viewed as the real parentage.  Additionally, viewed from the perspective of Buddhist ethics; the commercial purpose for surrogacy considerably is considered to devalue the human dignity.

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