Relinguishment of Kodha According to Buddhadhamma

Supa Sriswat, Phramaha Boonsri Ñānฺavudฺdฺho, Suchao Ploychum, Chamnong Kanthik


The objectives of the research entitled “Relinguishment of Kodha According to Buddhadhamma” has three objectives: 1) to study the theory of Kodha, 2) to study the appropriate Buddhadhamma in managing Kodha, 3) to Integrate the management of Kodha according to Buddhadhamma, and 4) to synthesize the body of knowledge on the model on integration of management of Kodha according to Buddhadhamma.
The results of the study were found that the relinquishment of Kodha referred to physical behavioral control through precepts, mental behavior with concentration and eradication of Kodha with wisdom. The Buddhadhamma suitable to relinquishment of Kodha was of mindfulness, tolerance and loving-kindness. The body of knowledge obtained from the study was built in a model called “CRE Model” meant those who followed the Buddhadhamma through the process of precept, concentration and wisdom to a standard of civilized ones were free from Kodha.

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