Analysis of Virtues and Value That Appear in Allegory Preacher Mahachat

Phramaha Maghavin Purisuttamo, Phramaha Sombuth Kunesako, Chaiwat Attapat, Manatsawee Srinont


This research entitled "Analysis of virtues and values that appear in allegory preacher Mahachat" was an applied research. This study had three objectives as follows: 1. it was to examine the morality in preaching Mahachat, 2. it was to study the values appeared in the mentioned preaching Mahachat, and 3. It was to analyze the virtues and values appeared in preaching Mahachat.  The results showed that: first, the morality in preaching Mahachat (story of the great sacrifice) included gratitude, honesty, tolerance, moderation, not greed, second, the morality and values appeared in this were: 1) Literary Value, 2) Rhetorical Poetic Value, 3) Effective communication value, 4) Moral Value, 5) Emotional Value, 6) Critical skills Value, third, a critical analysis of the virtues and the values in preaching Mahachat was found three main aspects: 1) the sermons aspect
2) the listeners’ aspect, and 3) the organizers’ aspect. The result of the study emphasized that the moral of the sermon, the audiences and the organizers have a similar rating level as 44-48 points. Moreover, the morality of preaching Mahachat depends on routine and habit of the audiences and the understanding of the theoretical of Buddhist morality as well.

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