A Critical Edition of the Nalāṭa Dhātuvaṃsa: Chapter III

S. Vijitha Kumara


The Nalāṭa Dhātuvaṃsa (NDV) is a Pali chronicle composed in Ceylon that describes the history of the sacred frontal relic of the Buddha and its enshrining at the Seru city by King Kākavaṇṇatissa in the 1st century BCE. Apparently, its structure has a close relationship with that of the Thūpavaṃsa, which records the history of the Pagoda Ratnamālī. However, Sinhalese scholars have disagreements about exact dates of these two texts. Consequently, it is difficult to conclude which one was composed before. Nevertheless, the NDV earns higher reputation as a historical record, and it contains literary and language features of Pali Prakaraṇa. Especially, modern Pali scholars’ insufficient attention for this text has led to a decrease in its popularity among beginners. In addition, apart from two Sinhalese editions and an English transliterated work, no reliable English edition of this text exists, discourages researchers from studying the NDV. Therefore, the researcher attempts to fill the academic gap by offering an English edition of the NDV palm leaf manuscript. The Two Sinhalese printed editions and one English transliterated work were taken into consideration during the process. This paper presents the third chapter of the NDV, which records the history of delivering sacred relics of the Buddha and their lineages.

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