A Philosophical Analysis on Siames Chronicle

Phrakrukosalasasanapundit Grissana


There are three objectives in the research; to study the Thai society in Siames chronicle, to analytical study Thai society in Siames chronicle in philosophy and to analytical study of value in Siames chronicle. It is documentary research. The result is shown that:
1.Thai society in Siames chronicle is to be simple and happy living, and to be live as well as the environment of that time to be, they were agriculturists at most. I, had study in three aspects, that is, the aspect of Education, Administration or Ruling, andJustice. 2.The second objective, I, researcher found that Thai people had acted their actions in many kind of philosophy, such as, Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics and Aesthetics.3.For analysis of values, I found the value in Education, in Administration or Ruling and in Justice. Each of these three aspects, I had found five values, that is, Necessary Value, Bonded Value, and the others. Value in the view of Utilitarianism, it is to explain that Education got value because it gain more happiness for the most sum of people. Value in Ethics, it is to explain that Education impressed to good and right actions. The aspect of the others is also quite same details.

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