A Critical Study of Rūpa in the Theravada Buddhist Scriptures

Somboon Tasonthi


The research aims at a critical study on Råpaand its objectives are to study and the cause of rising Rūpa (matter) and Nàma(mind) and to criticize the essence of Rūpa (matter) as appears in the Theravada Buddhist Scripture. The results revealed that the materiality or Råpakhandha refered to all conditioned things that arising, remaining and decaying by the causality. The materiality is composed by the four elements viz. earth, water, fire and wind. The term Råpa can be clarified as Mind and Matter and the conditioned arising of Råpa and Nàma depend on the planes of existence. The Råpa and Nàma always arise in the planes of Five Aggregates (pa¤cavokàrabhumi) and the Råpa and Nàma cannot arise in two planes of exsistance viz. planes of Four Aggregates (catuvokàrabhumi) andplanes of One Aggregates (ekavokàrabhumi). The results showed that the occurrence of Mind and Matter relate to themundane called ‘Råpadhamma- materiality’. The causes of materiality are cravings and greed that attach to the Three Worlds viz. the world of sense-desire, the world of form and the formless world and three of them are heading to the state of impermanence or that is called the state of materiality – Råpa.

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