An Analytical Study of the Factors Causing Sexual Deviation as Depicted in the Buddhist Scripture

Phramaha Nantakorn Piyabhani, Phramaha Pornchai Sirivaro, Phramaha Khwanchai Kittimethi


Although it seems undeniable that most human beings are of either the male or female gender, it is also clear that there are significant numbers of individuals who are of special and somewhat unusual gender. Such individuals have often been referred to as “sexual deviants”. Furthermore, in Thai society, the attitude towards sexual deviation has often been mostly understood as ‘Sexual Disorder’.However, according to the Buddhist perspective, everyone has the right to be what they want, and everyone has the right to develop their mind in the direction of Enlightenment. Buddhists believe in the principle of cause and its effect, meaning here that whoever does good deeds receives good results, and whoever does bad deeds receives bad results. From the study, it has been found that: 1) There are two sets of factors, external andKamma-related, which cause sexual deviation. The external factors include family, school, friends, environment, and social media etc. The Kamma-related factors are actions that beings have done during previous existences.Both sets of factors are very significant in this problem. 2) There are a number of ways by which sexual deviants and the general population can better live together. These involve: a) social work, b) medicine, c) the law, d) the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and e) Buddhism. The research also suggests that all parties involved in the task of finding better ways for sexual deviants and general people to get along need to act with a high degree of integrity if those in need are to benefit.

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