Buddhism and Science : An Analytic, Appreciative and Applicative Study

Supachai Srisirirung, Kirti Bunchua


This research aimed to answer the question: “Buddhism is just only science, isn’t it?” The researcher used philosophical approach with dialectic and discursive method hoping to result in the most creative and the best reasonable answer for philosophy. Buddhism is not just only science was found out from the variety of Buddhism that has been already seen. Buddhism is science was just only the 4thparadigm (modern) interpretation. There were other interpretations which indicated that Buddhism was not just science but could be anything such as superstition, the law of nature and the holy religion promising the life of the other world. The 5thparadigm (moderate postmodernism) presented a critical interpretation of Buddhism in any philosophical paradigms without attachment by accepting all interpretations that could be used to improve the quality of life which in Buddhism is the cessation of suffering in any steps of intellectual development until totally complete cessation of suffering.

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