The Qualitative Development of the Pattern of the Administration of the School According to the Principle of the Doctrinal Protection in the Pattern of the Three Sikkhas

Boonrean Teanthong, Nopadol burananuth, Phra Rajvaramethi (Prasit Brahmarangsi)


This research aims to study ๑)morality (which consists of virtue, decision, and valueeffecting concentration. ๒.) concentration that consists participation, patience, and responsibility effecting to wisdom.๓) The composition of the morality, concentration and wisdom affect the quality of school administration. Research methodology๑. Use quantitative research. There are ๔๐๐ students, teachers, and educational personnel of the school respondents self. To bring such information to analyze. By using multiple regression analysis method and stratified multiple regression analysis.๒. Use qualitative research. In-depth interviews with 2 religious figures per person and the four school directors, all of them former school administrators PhotisarnPittayakorn before. The researcher selected the school because it was a very small school and is likely to be collapsed to include large schools. With the ability of administrators who have been modified by the Buddhist Three Sikkhas, including themorality, concentration and wisdom as a guideline for management. Develop students to excel academically to international standards.Moral ethics based on the Thai way of self-sufficiency. As a result, parents, students, community trust. The results showed that. ๑.Thefactors of the morality are virtue and value affects concentration. ๒. The factors of concentration that affect wisdom are participation and patience. ๓.Factors affecting the quality of school administration, according to the Buddhist Three Sikkkhas are the factors of morality concentration and wisdom. Find the virtue, value, participation, patience.responsibility, rule of law , transparency and integrity affect the quality of school administration.Exception decision.

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