Nun : Woman who guides the way of love

Montree Sirarojananan


This article has been developed from a research study conducted under the Knowledge Management Project, entitled “Buddhist Approach to Learning through Loving-Kindness for Youths Facing Difficult Life Conditions”. The project aimed at adopting Buddhist practices in empowering teenagers in dealing with their life problems. It involved arming the nuns participating in Thai Pat sangkmitta nun Network with body of knowledge as well as training skills required to boost teenagers’ moral and ethical immune system. The study was divided into three phases. Firstly, the body of knowledge was synthesised into knowledge innovation that built moral and ethical immune system in teenagers. Then, training of the nuns participating in the 27 Thai Pat sangkmitta nun Network nationwide was conducted. Finally, 4 sessions of youth camps for the target groups, with the total of 245 participants, were carried out, each followed by project evaluation.Data collection was carried out using questionnaire, observation, and lesson-learned strategy.
The findings indicated that the nuns and the teenagers benefited from their participation in the program. The nuns’ training project successfully built the body of knowledge and equipped them with skills and techniques required for the task. They improved their leadership skills, self-confidence, self-expression, teamwork and appreciated the true meaning of ‘compassion’ through their roles as facilitators in the project. Moreover, they developed understanding about teens’ sex problems in the current society. The teen participants gained their moral and ethical immune system. They experienced positive changes. The program proved successful in improving their self-esteem and confidence. They learned to be more trustful and developed the sense of unity. The participants became more compassionate, emotionally stronger, and more conscious in dealing with their problems. Finally, they gained correct understanding of sex education.

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