Ethics and Code of Ethics of Journalism in The Era Digital Media

Panatchaya Leelayouth, Boonlert Otsu


The present era technology has changed rapidly, especially via digital media. When digital innovation reached modern society, it spontaneously grew into public’s alternative routine to access news information. The development of social media has been allowing people to send text messages to their closed ones as well as strangers. News stories can now come piecemeal. As updates are posted and links are shared, less relevance is placed upon original publishers. Hyper levels of immediacy and mobility have created a public expectation that the news will come to us whether we look for it or not. The reporters of the news have evolved via modern technology along with quick and easy access to all levels of society as well. Oftentimes, pieces of information, negligent or critical, may overlook beyond an ocean of mass information. It serves an important question in the society whether the neglected information may have impacted to the public. Especially in the era of excessive digital media, would it project a major social problem when audiences are watching live tragedy broadcast via Facebook? Essentially, how will the ethics and code of ethics of the era digital media affect the image of the Journalism?

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