Interdisciplinary Approach to the Analysis of the Jataka

Samiddhipol Netnimit


The purpose of the research is to study the worth, importance, development social situation and interdisciplinary approach to the Jataka. This documentary research. The study found that the Jataka, formerly, is the tale of a group of folk people. The teaching with the former times tales in the Vinaya-pitaka and Suttanta-pitaka are the precedent of the Nipata-jataka. Afterwards, the Dhammasangahaka-thera composes Buddha praise according to the Siha-suttanta, Anguttara-nikaya. The Jataka developed in the Satavahana Period. Now there are 547 stories. In the Jataka, the texts narrate a role of Buddha in the shape of a devine being and a human being. Folklore perspective, the Jataka is still a knowledge place of the people, explaining in a literary way of the early historical lore, such as myths and fairy tales etc. Literary work side, there is the idea from Indian narrative where has already before, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Puranas, at the same time, as a result be influential build, literary age back works both of literary eastern and western literary works. Ideal side, help support believe in of who want to praise Buddha. Considering geography part, specify the events in India the North, at the regions that have the diplomatic. Can summarize up, the Jataka is inestimable value not only arts and literary work side, but also still the origin of the history of civilization as well.

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