Dharma Speech of Somdet Phra Buddhakosajarn (Prayudh Payutto): Ideologies, Social Beliefs, and Truth in Buddhism

Rachada Lapyai


This article presents an analysis of ideology appearing in the dharma speech of Somdet Phra Buddhakosajarn (Prayudh Payutto) through an interpretation of language in relation to ideologies or sets of ideas embraced by the lectures based on Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). The result revealed three ideologies: a religious ideology clarifying the principle of truth in Buddhism which has been mistakenly believed and practiced by the present society, a political ideology emphasizing the principle of righteous administration which would contribute to the happiness of the society, and a social development ideology reflecting social problems caused by mistaken values and misunderstandings and providing guidelines for sustainable resolutions according to Buddhism ways.


ideology; belief; truth

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