The Factors Affecting to Strengthening Morality and Ethics of Students in Yasothon Buddhist College Mahamakut Buddhist University

Wipat Thestham, Pariyachat Promsi, Sathit Chanachai


This research aimed to study the factors affecting to strengthening morality and ethics of Students in mahamakut buddhist university Yasothon Buddhist College. This research was taken by the quantitative and survey finding in any long term effect of the file of questionnaire evaluated by 576 second year students – a year of 2015 - at mahamakut buddhist university in yasothon. the sampling group was given to 288 students so that they could choose the simple random sampling principally. methodology which took a huge part of this study is questionnaire evaluation from strengthen virtues and ethics of students, moreover, content of the study is validity and reliability. The research showed that The affective factors strengthen virtue and ethics of students consists of internal factors and externals. for the internal factor found that 1) The kindness side students are willing to forgive others mistakes or others displease in most with an average of 4.24. 2) The honesty side shows that students do not say lies to cause damage to others in most with an average of 4.06. 3) The discipline side students dress neatly uniform by the University set in most average was 4.08. 4) The patience side students admitted flaws in the work and listen to recommendations from friends without expressing dissatisfaction in most with an average of 4.29. 5) the awareness of the responsibilities shows that students always submit assignments or tasks on the deadline in most with an average of 4.14. For the external factors that affect the moral of students show that 1) in families students always join activities such as cooking together, growing vegetables together and in families where parents monitor when you do wrong or done something inappropriate at a high level with an average of 4.10. 2) the environment of university found that students do not feel good if teachers are not penalized or blemish on offenders or disobedience at a high level with an average of 4.19. and 3) for socialization found that social media by using internet has made decadent moral on the ethics of students’ life at a high level with an average of 4.24.

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