Graduate School, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University

Rachit Sittisatsagul



This research article is in a part of dissertation. The objective of this study is to build up the training package and the promotion of the vegetarianism tradition according to the Buddhist Doctrines. The formal of the research is the type of “Mixed Method Research Design, which consists of the Qualitative Research and the Qualitative, one of the types of the testing of the Pre-Experimental. Design for tasting the setting up of the training and the 40 exemplary groups of the housewives and analyzing the results with the quantitative data and the qualitative data.  From the research, it is found that the principles of supporting and taking the vegetarian foods are the aims to support the bases of “the cognitive domain”, “affective domain” and “the performance” (CAP), by emphasizing the arising of the knowledge and the understanding about the taking of the vegetarian food (Cognitive Domain), the establishing of the qualities on Mettã and the need for taking the vegetable food (Affective Domain), and the state of having the behaviors in taking the vegetarian food according to the Buddhist Principles (Performance). The sides of the essences in setting up the activities of lunching and knowing consist of 4 units of learning and knowing and 9 minor activities: - that is to say the first learning, the unit of learning and the knowing are the vegetarian academics which are: - (1) the activity of eating to be of the disadvantage or the benefit, (2) the activity of the Vegetarian and mental food. The second unit of learning which points out the clearness of the vegetarian food consists of: - (1) the activity of the awaking and knowing the mind, (2) the activity of the sound of the killed living beings, (3) the activity of being able to take the vegetarian food and seeing the nature of the birth Doctrines., and (4) the activity of opening the mind for solving the Doctrinal problems. The third unit of learning and knowing is the activity of teaching the people to do and know, to work and to know by the actions. The fourth unit of vegetarian food training and emotional development which are: - (1) the activity of returning the happiness to the living beings, (2) the activity of the mental administration by developing the loving Kindness. The patterns of the activities: - the telling of the story, the debating, the showing and the training in the vegetable foods and the factory which are the activities to teach a person to look at, to know and to administer the mind and to develop the loving kindness with the patterns of the activities, the building up of the good actions, the media, the proposing of and the listening to the songs about the Doctrinal media.

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