The Development of Good Friend Quality for the Juvenile in Accordance with Buddhist Principle

Suchada Wongsuebchati, Wutthinant Kantatian


This dissertation entitled ‘The development of good friend quality for the juvenile in accordance with Buddhist principle’ has three objectives: ๑) to study the quality of being the good friendship in Buddhism, ๒) to study the concept of development of the quality of being the good friendship for the juveniles in accordance with Buddhist principle, and ๓) to propose the body of knowledge of the quality of being the good friendship for the juveniles in accordance with Buddhist principle.

In this research, the findings were found as follows:  As regards the quality being the good friendship in Buddhism, it was obviously found that the juveniles’ practices in accordance with the good friendship principle were at the highest level (=-๓.๘) in aggregate, but partially considered, it was found that knowing how speak good was at (=-๓.๙) and in the opinion it was at the lowest level; it was about being able to speak out in profound manner, it was about (=-๓.๗). In the in-depth interview, it was found that in the present time, most of Thai juveniles were of less other-respect, cruelty and friendship less, they were self-centered, they mostly hinge on friend, while they act, they patientlessly act, they did not like to be trained by others, they became addicted to Smartphone, consequently, their lovely friendship between their groups and Seniors was gradually reduced leading to non-respected manner; they emotionally act instead of reasonably act, so, their tempers were in dangerous manner, they were inclined to believe their friends instead of their parents, they did not concern their future giving  rise to running away from classes, playing games and gambling, they did not know how to adjust themselves facing sexual, drug, and lonesome problems etc.

 In the body of knowledge concerning the quality for being good friendship for juveniles according to Buddhist principles, it was found that the result of ‘BSMW MODEL FOR GOOD FRIEND QUALITY’ was shown; this was clearly derived from the integration of ๗ qualities for being good friendship, loveable, respectable, being a counselor, being a patient, being able to deliver deep discourses, never exhorting groundlessly with Buddhist principles in the following ways, behavior, social, mental and wisdom.

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