The Process of Creating Joy with Deliverance

Phrakhrupaladsuvaddhanabrahmagun Duangkid


     This paper aims to bring joy through deliverance successfully using key liberation Dhamma tools of the 5 defilements. These are: deliverance by suppression, deliverance by substitution of opposites, deliverance by cutting off or extirpation, deliverance by tranquillization, deliverance by getting freed. To be liberated is the ultimate goal of Buddhists and all mankinds. All should be studied carefully and diligently before proceeding to actual practices. Once these practices are completed, the outcomes will be tangible for your own realization and satisfaction. The process of joy creation through deliverance is one of the important Buddhist studies that will surely make an impact in are individual’s life. This happens where one is willing to put away the low priority matters in life and lives simple life. If this can actually happen, we can lend hands to all mankinds and help each other in various aspects.

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