Badminton to Leicester City – the Siamese Foxes : Beliefs to success, Campassion,Venerable, Holy Water,Talisman

Mallika Phumathon, Phrapaladrapin Buddhisaro


The motivation of successfulness always occurred from both mind and behavior. According to the successfulness of various kinds of athletes especially badminton and football, mind was the condition in order to accept and take in action until leading to the winner. The victory of football team “Siamese Foxes” for more than a hundred years and the world champion of female badminton were having the mind as the leader in order to create power of mind. These also happened in parallel from outside behavior, action, performance, and stimuli until being sharing behavior and responsible to success. The purpose of this article to study the successful phenomenon of Thai sports through Buddhist vision and perspective including the explanation. Documentary research and phenomenological study were used to conduct for social sharing toward occurred events.      


Siamese Foxes; Motivation to Success; Love; Holy Water

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