Public Administration According to Organizational Theory: Public Administration, New Public Management and New Public Governance

Surasak Chamaram, Phramaha Chotniphitphon Suttacitto, Wanchai Suktam, Wai Cheesam, Setthabhorn Nunchoo, Phramaha Yuththapichan Yodhasasano


This article aims at conducting a survey of public administration in accordance with organizational theories from the point of view of key scholars. The group is divided into 3 groups. The first is the Public Administration, consisting of the principles of organizational management, based on the concept of Luther H. Gulick, the concept of organization based on Daniel Katz and Robert L. Kahn and the concept of organizational culture based on the concept of J. Steven. Ott. The second group is the New Public Management, consisting of the new public management based on the concept of Christopher Hood. And the third is the New Public Governance, consisting of the new public governance, based on the concept of Stephen P. Osborne. It also has comparative analysis to see the advantages - disadvantages of the work. This will allow us to scrutinize issues that are beneficial to be used in practice appropriately.

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