Analytical of Western Ethics and Ethics in Buddhist Philosophy

Phramaha Magawin Purisuttamo


The objectives of this article were: 1) to study the Western ethics 2) to study ethics in Buddhist philosophy 3) to analyze the Western ethics and the ethics in Buddhist philosophy. The study was found that the western ethics dealt with the concepts and theories used to solve the individual problems and the problems in the society which valued both intent and result. The ethics in Buddhist philosophy based on the concept and practice of the Buddha used to solve the physical and mental suffering. The analysis of the Western ethics and the ethics in Buddhist Philosophy could be concluded that both of ethics dealt with the principles used to solve the problems. The Western ethics, the problems were solved by some appropriate ethical concepts. The ethics in Buddhist philosophy, the author used the doctrine in Sangaravasutta and Sonadandasutta to analyze the problems. It was found that the Threefold Training could be judge the problems of thinking and practice of the individual and the people in the society.

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