Buddhist ways: the key to the Communication of the Thailand

Phramaha Khuntong Khemasiri, Sutas Pratumkaew


The Article Title, "Buddhist ways: the key to open the door to the communication in Thailand". The study found that the communication of the city is a broadcast information and news about the city of directly. In other words, between members in the political system both in terms of the individual and group of persons with the government. This may be either the communication between the financial institutions to cities such as the Government of the House of Representatives of the party, etc. The communication of the city in the current crisis is critical to the kindness, please, related to finding a way out of a conflict between the parties. By the communications are not to be held on the base of the personal interests. From the doctrine of Buddhism that with the communication are all the profound that create effective communication because the doctrine of the Buddha to ethical conduct and ethics of communication with The Thai society is an ethical communication based on the orientation of Buddhism is to help people in the Thai society is happy with a good relationship to each other and is the communication that helps society such as (1) individual-level (2), the family level (3) Community level and (4) country level or even the international level is the world continues to Peace Objectively and flagrant, etc.

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