A Study of Relationship between Health Care Deity and Thai-Kui group in Sanka District, Surin Province

Suthat Pratoomkaew, Wan Suwannaphong, Yasothara Siripaprapagon


San ArYhaJuay is a ritual of Thai – Kui people which had believed and practiced from ancient time. The ritual was inherited by generations informed of processes, components, and offerings.a There was historical evidence indicated that Thai - Kui people have moved from Champasakarea. This study was aimed to study belief of Thai –Kui people on health care deity, the relationship between Thai – Kui people with health care deity and prior of health care deity for Thai – Kui people. The proposed of San ArYhaJuayritual was to connect to health care deity annually of planting and harvest time. This sacrifices aimed to worship the deity divided into 2 aspects 1) the 3rd-month sacrifice to worship their products and
2) the sacrifice to ask for an abundance of agriculture and rwater.  This traditional culture showed the relationship between Thai-Kui people and health care deity that the deity was majored priority and respected the group from the past till nowadays.  The deity was believed as angel dwelled in the sky but people placed the shrine for them mostly in the South of the village and turn its front to the East. The deity was believed to protect and treat people to well-being. For Thai – Kui people, wherever they have settled down, the shrine will be built to worship health care deity and San ArYhaJuayritual will be arranged annually.

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