Strategies for Buddhist of Thai Cultural and ASIAN Tourism

Phra Sutheeweerapandit Abhakaro, Phrabaidika Sanya Abhivanno


This research aims to propose strategy and policy for religious, Thai cultural and ASIAN tourism. This research is integrated and collected data from 210 participants (public sector administrators, private sector administrator of tourism, community leaders, monks, and tour operators in community), 400 tourists and 6 ASIAN countries (Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and Thailand).
The results were found that the crucial strategy for developing the tourist attraction of Buddhism and culture is to promote the religious and cultural tourism market, to develop the tourist attractions and religious and cultural activities, religious and cultural tourism management, to train staff for religious and cultural tourism, and to build the network of cultural geography and tourism. Buddhist and cultural tourism industry in ASIAN community has the growing tendency and high potential. There are tourist attractions that have specific features, lifestyles and the way of community and culture attracting tourists. If having a proper promotion from public sector, there will be a tendency to cause the development and the link of tourism network to the tourism of the country and lead to sustainable community development.

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