Buddha’s Panidhana : The Panithand Project to The Goodness

Phrakhru Sunthonkhemapinan Rattanarat Khemadhammo


The Goodness Resolution for the great favorable year project  is a result of the Thai society  faced the unsecurity trouble. The people lack of peace because they cannot  unify  their different  ideas  to be the practical ideas ;  therefore, the government rise up this issue  the nation issue. They  prompt  find  out  the method to return the happiness to the people ; moreover, drivethrought the concept of The Goodness of Panidhana  resolution  from the Buddhist doctrins as a tool to build  up the ethics  and change the social behavior.

"BUDDHA’S PANIDHANA"  is to make a good life. People bring their aspirations to be good. It acts as the basic unit supports 10.  As the Office of Religious and clergy together used as a tool. To add selected channels to inspire. Encouraging individual in society has turned to good start by resolution of the Buddha took his prototype to make a public campaign to promote all these precepts have. The participating villages five precepts that encourage the process of creating the moral "PRECEPT" as an alternative tool for behavior modification and physical and verbal routines by 7
is a good 1. The five precepts  2. meditation practice  3. habit 4. thinking  5. good 6. benefit 7. fair hearing on the application of the principle that the heart of Buddhism. For each generation do better with verbal and physical. (Organized into Kaya Panithana) made a healthy mind. (Organized into Jitta Panithana) and its commitment to build a better society and nation.


Panithand; Buddha’s Panidhana

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