An Influence be believed about Trai Bhum of the people in Lanna social.

Phra Wijai Ittigo


The Trai Bhum be belieaved in Buddhism have powerful influences on       the religious consciousness, on their social and ethic attitude of the people in Lanna social. Thease make strongly faith in lanna Buddhists, TraiBhumikatha had the references study about 30 pieaces from the primary academic data from the Tripitaka, its commentaries, and the Buddhism scriptures. Thease were Dhama principles, The belieaved in sins and merits releated to such as creatures rebirth       in heaven and Abaipoomi, the circle of impermanence in Trai Bhum. The desirable goal of Nibbana.                                                                                           The Trai Bhum be belieaved was cleary appeared in Artistic development, such as Drawing and Buddhist Art in many temples, in the ceremony of Cremation   to build the royal funeral pyre. Mount Meru is the belief in Trai Bhum as a matter of cosmic landscape where the angels dwell. The foothill is Himmapanta Forest.   Thease are the master peace of art that perpetuated, recreated and persisted to the present days.

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