The Analysis of Balanced Livelihood (Samajivita) of Spousess

Napaporn Vorasayun


Samajivi sutta is the part of dhamma, that refers to the quality which makes a well matched couple live together happily in this life and in the next life. There are 4 parts: one should have same faith, one should have same precept, one should have same genoriosity and one should have same wisdom. A doubt arises if both of husband and wife can have the same mentioned virtues.
The result of the analysis of Samajivita showed that Lord Buddha talked about Samajivita sutta (qualities which make a couple well matched), provided that, If  the couple want to live together in this life and in the next life, they need to have the same virtue.
At the present, the balanced livelihood of spouses must also follow the same 4 kinds of virtue. However, when it comes to the quality and quantity of those virtues, it may vary. But the quality in the same level and context can be met with in order that the difference of those four virtues  will not cause any violence or harm.

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