Buddhist Method on Monetary Management in Theravada Buddhism

Phrayongyut Subinnam


The research title “Buddhist Method of Management of Property in Buddhism” consists of 3 objectives; 1) to study of management of property in Buddhism, 2) to study of problems relating to management of property in Buddhism and 3) to analytical study of Buddhist method of management of property in Buddhism.

          The result finds that;

          Management of property in Buddhism is very important for living. Theravada Buddhist should seek for industrious property. Having possessed it, one should preserve without vanishing. One should associate with good and virtue friend. One should manage and spend one’s property for righteous work, for supporting oneself in joyful life and for aiding parents, children and friends in joyful life. One should abstain from all vices and take oneself for the target of good and higher life.

          Problem relating to management of property of Buddhist is family, economic changing, social problem, political problem and globalization influence. Those problems cause people lazing in seeking for property, no persevering property, associating with rouge and extravagant spending. Those peoples concern on all vices, leading to the road of deterioration and destruction of property. Those causes trouble oneself and family members. Those persons are ignored by society.

          Buddhist method of management of property is to take 4 virtues leading to temporal welfare for solving of life problems of Buddhist; 1) solving laziness of seeking for property by searching for property in rightful method, 2) solving non- preserving of property by conserving without decay, 3) solving association with rogue by being friend with good friend who persuades in good way and support for good business and 4) solving over expenditure by spending living importance. Those who follow these principles could benefit such as property, money, gold, things, reputation, dignity and admiration. Whoever seeks for benefit has to find out and spend property on principle and plan as Dhamma leading to benefit presently.


Buddhist Method; Property Management; Buddhism

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