The “Saen Ahayajuy” Annual Ritual of Prasart Phosridhatu, Kuakeaw Sub-district, Samrongtap District, Surin Province

Kruedsanan Sangmad, Yasothara Siriphapraphakorn


This article aims to present the important of back ground of super natural belief which becomes an annual ritual of worshiping to the Holy Spirit in Prasart Phosritard. In the community or Ban Phosritard Samrongtap District Surin province has a belief of spirit which inherited from ancestor for thousand years. The rural people have the way of life which depends on the natural resource, raining, it will be the case of holding an annual ritual of worshiping for the abundance of nature before to grow the plants, it is a festival in a year of the community to the belief which inherited to the present day.

The belief base of supernatural power, which is the origin of the San Ahya Jui tradition, creates a ritual culture and sacrifices to the spirits that are believed to be holy. People believed that soul was in the castle as a temple according to the Siva Sect of Hinduism which worshiped Shiva who is believed that the soul has existed since ancient times for thousands of years to Community of Banphosridhatu, Samrongtap District, Surin Province.There is a way of life that is dependent on natural habitat and rainy sky. For this reason, it is necessary to arrange the annual ritual worship of San Ahya Jui, which is performed every year as a ritual of San Ahya Jui worship for the abundance from Ahya Jui, who was present at the ceremony. Wat Phosridhatu Castle Which is a sacred place in this community for thousands of years          The purpose of the ritual “San Ahya Jui” for abundance and the prosperity of cultivation or may be a declaration of sacred things that are respected and faithful to the worshiping ritual of the Thai Kui group every year arranged in the half moon nights, 3 months of every year before planting And it is a small tradition which this community still respects and still have to maintain the present.


San Ahya Jui; Prasat Banphosritard; Surin Province

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