Improving the Quality Of Life by Bhavana 4

Phramaha Phakhasit Mahaviriyo Sukhjaroechaowarit



             Buddhism has a word referring to prosperity or training for more accomplishment. Like a word 'development', it aims at making life better. It is Bhavana or development of life in four ways. The first way is development of life with Kaya Bhavana. It means training the faculties: eyes, ears, a nose, a tongue and a body. The restraint of faculty helps a person to control a body without immoral action. Similarly, it helps a person to adjust himself properly to environment. The second way is the development of life with Sila Bhavana. It refers to moral behaviour with following regulation and social rules. The third way is the development of life with Citta Bhavana. It means to make mind strong and full of all moral qualities through loving kindness and compassion towards all suffered beings in the present. It also makes mind full of brightness, joyfulness and happiness. The final way is the development of life with Panna Bhavana. It means self-training from a study, listening and practice according to the studied knowledge for personal interest and common interest.         


Key words : development, quality of life, Bhavana

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