The Resolution of the Stress Based On the Four Foundation of Mindfulness

Phraprasoetsak Ratanayano




             Stress is one state of human suffering which is caused by a lack of consciousness and leads to incorrect resolution on the cause of the stress. The majority of human solve the external problem but indeed performing the four foundation of mindfulness (Pāli : satipaṭṭhāna) is the Buddhist way to overcome suffering. This leads to the rise of wisdom to understand the mind abiding in the body that is the base of realization. There are three stages of stress relief. 1) Developing the temporary mindfulness in current emotion as it actually as: that is, to realize impermanence and not hold it, positive realization by being optimistic and cheerful. 2) Developing continuous mindfulness in daily life: that is, waking up with cheerfulness and conscious realization of consumption or conscious consumption in five objects: food, climate, building, emotion and exercise. This is the way to take care of physical and mental health. Having consciousness in four actions is the profound realization in walking, sitting and lying consciously. It is the excellent practice leading the mind to the present moment with the calm mind. 3) Developing profound mindfulness: this is realization of four bases: a) realization of body in different actions with its balance, and with the use of four requisites for health; b) training the mind to know occurring anxiety or stress and creating emotion and consciousness art in any case; c) training the mindfulness in quality mind to have strength, stability, purity, skillfulness, happiness, coldness, relaxation of the mind; and d) developing the mindfulness in dhamma such as being optimistic, happy,


Keywords : consciousness, foundation of mindfulness, stress

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